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Diagnosis And Diagnosis Of Cancer - 1485 Words

â€Å"The aim of screening a population for cancer is to make the diagnosis early and thereby increase the cure rate.† (Tobias and Hochhauser,. Cancer and its Management, 2010 p21) Cancer is a worldwide problem that attributed to 12% of total worldwide deaths in 2000 (Symonds et al. 2012). From such a statistic, one can conclude that the issue of cancer is one that needs addressing and that diagnosis and treatment services must be readily available if the mortality rate from cancer is to fall. In the United Kingdom it has been stated (Tobias and Hochhauser, 2010) that more than one in three people will develop this disease at some point throughout their lives again highlighting the need for adequate services. There are several screening techniques which can aid in the early detection and diagnosis of, cancers. The screening of cancer often works hand in hand with epidemiological research in order to establish the most high risk members of the population. Screening is actively carried out in diagnosis of breast, prostate, cervical and colorectal cancer. Breast cancer is the world’s second most common cancer (Symonds et al., 2012). Breast cancer is screened for through mammography which involves producing a radiograph of the breasts to allow tissue study. According to a recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom (National Health Service Breast Screening Programme. 2011), 73% of women invited for a breast screening mammography test accepted the invitation and were screenedShow MoreRelatedCancer Diagnosis And Treatment Of Cancer Essay1480 Words   |  6 PagesCancer is characterized by abnormal, uncontrolled cell growth, and it disrupts normal body function, as it increases energ y demands and alters body systems. There are many factors that can lead to the development of cancers, including genetic, behavioral, and environmental influences. The presence of disease is not always obvious; therefore, it is imperative for individuals to participate in screening interventions to promote early detection. Cancer diagnosis and treatment requires a patient-centeredRead MoreSymptoms And Diagnosis Of Cancer3436 Words   |  14 PagesTERMINOLOGY CLINICAL CLARIFICATION †¢ Cancer that develops in the cells of the breast 12 †¢ Diagnosis requires a tissue biopsy for microscopic examination to determine pathology CLASSIFICATION †¢ The TNM classification is used for clinical staging of breast tumors. The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCQ 7th edition stages breast cancer as follows: 12 o TX: primary tumor cannot be assessed o TO: no evidence of primary tumor o Tis: cancer in situ - Tis (DCIS): ductal carcinoma in situ - Tis (LCIS):Read MoreDiagnosis And Treatment Of Cancer Essay1844 Words   |  8 Pages Cancer is very large throughout the U.S. and Canada, it is said that one and a half million people will receive a new diagnosis of cancer each year (Ignatavicius Workman, 2013).Many years back a diagnosis of cancer had a very poor outcome and you were basically considered dead. Technology and research have been focusing on cancer, and how to prevent it. This paper will review the diagnosis of cancer as well as the staging of cancer, as well as possible treatment options and side effects relatedRead MoreThe Treatment Of A Cancer Diagnosis951 Words   |  4 PagesA Cancer diagnosis may bring on many negative emotions, questions and uncertainties in a patient. Even though we now have different types of treatments for cancer, there are still numerous deaths annually attributed to the diagnosis. The World Health Organization has described the number of mortalities to be greater than 8.2 million annually around the world (World Health Organization [WHO], 2015). As nurses, we must se rve as the patient’s advocate and empower them throughout the course of theirRead MoreDiagnosis And Treatment Of Cancer1954 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction When it comes to the topic of cancer, most people readily agree that we have made leaps and bounds in diagnosis and treatment mechanisms. Where this disagreement usually begins, is on the question if finding a â€Å"cure† for cancer can be a reality. While some are convinced that a cure will come with time, others believe that a single cure is just not logical. The US waged a war on cancer when Nixon was in office, 1971, yet we haven’t overcome it yet (Gorski). After research, I believeRead MoreEssay On Automatic Diagnosis For Cancer1155 Words   |  5 PagesAutomatic diagnosis for cancer is a ongoing topic of research. Previous research have been conducted on breast cancer diagnosis. Doyle et al. [9] investigated the classification of breast cancer histopathology from textual, nuclear architectural features and images. Classification of benign and malignant histopathological im- ages based on 10 syntactic structure features, extracted after the Gabor filter had been applied was used by van Diest et al.[10]. The usage of Support Vector Ma- chines (SVMs)Read MoreThe Diagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Cancer1947 Words   |  8 Pages3D Mammography The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other non-cancerous diseases are very important in improving the quality of life for many women. The early diagnosis of the non-cancerous disease can reduce the incidence of breast cancer through effective treatment of mastopathy (fibrocystic of the breasts tissue). In the area of study, a variety of imaging modalities is implemented to assist with the diagnosis. These imaging modalities includes multi-frequency electrical impedanceRead MoreEffects Of The Diagnosis Of Bowel Cancer915 Words   |  4 PagesGoldwasser (2009) accepted that being diagnosed with cancer comes as a terrible shock for most people and those affected may look back on the experience and remember it as all being a bit of a dream. Often they are given information that they are only able to take in part of what they are told. As the news sinks in and they are ready to talk about what is going to happen, the most important thing to remember is that it is their body they are discussing. People must be allowed to make decisionsRead MoreDiagnosis And Treatment Of Prostate Cancer1681 Words   |  7 Pageshard-to-cure disease like cancer. Prostate Cancer is a known cancer that happens to men only and a lot of men in the U.S are diagnosed with it, and happens to male’s reproductive system. Specifically speaking, it is a gland found in the most private area of a man. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining why we need to find a way to combat prostate cancer, how to detect this cancer at early stages, and the risks associated with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second leading causeRead MoreCancer : Etiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment1718 Words   |  7 Pages Colon Cancer: Etiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Harold Scott Delaware Technical Community College Biology Professor Riggio November 18, 2014 Abstract A well-known fact is that cancer plays a major role in the area of health science in the United States. Cancer touches many individuals and many families across the nation. With a variety of types of cancer as well as causes, symptoms, and treatments cancer is a very broad topic of research. In particular my research focuses on

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