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The Effect Of Exercise Training And Nutrition Therapy On...

EFFECT OF EXERCISE TRAINING AND NUTRITION THERAPY ON FUNCTION, FATIGUE, AND PAIN IN WOMEN WITH FIBROMYALGIA Research Question: What is the effect of resistance/aerobic training and nutrition therapy on function, fatigue, and pain in women with FM? Abstract Background and Significance: Fibromyalgia (FM) symptoms such as pain and fatigue can have a severe impact on function and quality of life. The exact etiology of FM is unknown, consequently there is no single best treatment. Studies have shown that exercise plays a role in modulating adverse symptoms of FM. Aerobic exercise has clearly been shown to improve symptoms, but strength training still needs further study. Theories have also suggested that nutrition may be linked to FM; whether it is a cause or effect is still unknown. This study will examine the effects of exercise training and nutrition therapy on function, fatigue, and pain in women with FM. Subjects and Methods: Subjects will include 594 women diagnosed with FM. There will be 4 groups: an exercise group, a nutrition therapy group, an exercise and nutrition therapy group, and a control group who will receives information on FM. The intervention will last 14 weeks. Weeks 1-7 will be a buildup period and weeks 8-14 will be a period where subjects exercise for the recommended dose based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines. Follow-up measurement will be performed at 6 months. The fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (FIQ), multidimensional fatigueShow MoreRelatedThe Agent For Heart Failure1524 Words   |  7 Pagesthe efficiency of the client’s heart rate. Mauro and Mauro (1986) explain the function of Dobutamine is identical to the physical training effect that is comparable to exercise. I will be illustrating an overview of this chosen drug and describes how it can help boost the pumping action of a weakened heart and improve the client’s exercise tolerance. Thesis Statement: Dobutamine treatment and physical therapy can benefit clients with heart failure, enhance overall cardiopulmonary conditioningRead MoreDischarge Plan for Patient Who Underwent Total Hip Replacement3417 Words   |  14 Pagescase study the patient lives alone during the recovery from the surgery, so the effects of social isolation and psychological factors on the recovery process are also explained. Assessment of the Situation: After the assessment of Mr. Trosack medical conditions, the three healthcare issues that present are identified as (1) high fall risk, (2)the insufficient family support, (3) the pain issues that are resulted from the hip fracture and the total hip replacementRead MoreEssay about Cerebral Palsy2810 Words   |  12 PagesSurveillance of Cerebral Palsy in Europe (SCPE), primary elements agreed necessary in the definition of cerebral palsy are that it is a group of disorders which are permanent but not unchanging, involves a disorder of movement and/or posture and of motor function, and it is due to a non-progressive interference of a developing fetus brain (Surman, et al., 2009). Epidemiology Cerebral Palsy has a birth prevalence of nearly 2 out of 1000 live births and is the largest cause of physically disabled childrenRead MoreRunning Head:Integrating Registered Dietitian Physician3261 Words   |  14 PagesKolhmeier, and Steven Zeisel, only 30% of medical schools require an actual separate course in nutrition. Although their curriculum may include nutrition throughout the many different courses a physician has to take, this is an inadequate amount of time being spent on nutrition to be considered and expert in this field, which results in the vitality of having and maintaining a RD on their team. Nutrition can prevent and help treat many different problems that arise in clinical care and the differentRead MoreHealth Care Plan For Nursing Practice2095 Words   |  9 Pagescare is our next project and is used as a guarantee of quality and continuity in care. The nurses have a specific function: help people meet their basic needs, while maintaining a professional role . For this study, a patient with the initials XX has been selected. XX is a woman, 96 years-old, and weighs 140 pounds. The patient is post-hospitalized from a fall that left her with left hip pain. This study has been conducted to respond to the needs of the patient, and, thus, puts into practice the knowledgeRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Acute Coronary Syndrome5520 Words   |  23 Pagesnon-ST-elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI), and unstable angina CLASSIFICATION †¢ Based on electrocardiogram (ECG) 8 ââ€"‹ Acute chest pain and persistent (20 min) ST-segment elevation – Defined as ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome (STEACS) and generally indicates acute total coronary occlusion. – Most developed ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction ââ€"‹ Acute chest pain without persistent ST-segment elevation – Accounts for 75% of all cases of acute coronary syndrome 2 – Defined as non-ST-elevationRead MoreA Close Look at Rheumatoid Arthritis Essay3756 Words   |  16 Pagesrecommendations by the International Task Force of Rheumatologists (2010) treatment is aimed at remission, reduction of the inflammatory response, pain control, conserving joint function and preventing and/or halting joint destruction. Medications used to treat RA fall into two categories: fast acting and slow acting. Fast-acting medications typically address pain and inflammation. Medications include but are not limited to anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Celebrex and corticosteroidsRead MoreCongestive Heart Failure Essay6560 Words   |  27 PagesInvestigated Disease Process Congestive Heart Failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood for the body to function. If the heart’s ability to pump blood decreases, blood and fluids may start to pool into the lungs and accumulate in the legs, ankles, and feet causing an edema, shortness of breath, and fatigue. (Heart Failure, 2015, para. 2) The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology defines heart failure as â€Å"a complex clinical syndromeRead MoreOverview of the Impact of and the Response to Heart Disease2345 Words   |  10 Pagesstory and trying to figure out ways to prevent another one from happening can be very beneficial. Rehab consists of two parts. The first part is exercise training. This will help improve the muscles. The exercise plan will be different for each individual. It will be based on their bodily functions. The second part is education, counseling and training. This part helps you understand the aspects of the heart and ways to reduce the chances of future heart problems. Recognizing the symptoms of aRead MoreEnhancing Athletic Performance While Reducing Injuries Essay1779 Words   |  8 Pagesseason, using appropriate equipment, do not over train or train while hurt. Enforcing rules helps prevention of dangerous use of sticks and careless play of the ball. Also seek medical attention sooner rather than later and get adequate nutrition. Injured people should not be moved unless they them self say that it is ok. If more attention is paid to extrinsic and intrinsic risk factors, injuries can be a lot less frequent. The same injuries can occur in many different sports

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